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10 Best Womens Camel Hair Coat 2020

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Best Womens Camel Hair Coat

If you think that a camel hair coat is made of the camel skin, you are wrong. This amazing fashion does not have anything with the camel, except the color. Yet, there is no real sign that the camel coat is made of the camel skin.

The nice look and utility features made this coat loved by many people around the world. As a matter of fact, both men and women are wearing this coat.

Best Women’s Camel Hair Coat

They are not only wearing it in winter but also in some other seasons such as spring and fall. If you are looking for a nice camel hair coat for your New Year celebration, you can try some of these models below.

1. Classic Wool Coat

Classic Wool Coat


This is the first one that you need to try. Some people will say that this is a vintage camel hair coat, but that is not a problem at all. It is because there are some vintage things that attract a lot of attention.

This camel coat is one of them. For your information, this camel coal model is something unisex. That means either you or your couple can wear the same camel coat without having to worry about the gender.

2. Pea Camel Coat

Pea Camel Coat

This one is a bit modern compared with the previous camel hair coat. It is because this kind of coat is usually used for the outer only. That means you need some inners to make it looks more fashionable with your current style.

Fortunately, the pea camel coat fits many different inner styles. The coat looks great with the shirt. So, it can be very casual. Or else, you can try the inner sweater too. That will not put the look of this camel coat down.

3. Cape Camel Coat

Cape Camel Coat

This is one thing that those social climbers need. It is because you rarely see normal or average people walking on the street with the cape-style camel hair coat. Of course, you can find some women walking wearing this kind of coat.

You can mostly find this kind of fashion around the Hollywood area. It is not something rare to find there. As an addition, the women with this kind of cape will look gorgeous.

4. Moto Style Camel Coat

Moto Style Camel Coat

This kind of camel coat is not that hard to find. Yet, there are two different sizes for this kind of camel coat. You can get the short and long sizes camel hair coat. The short size is great for spring and fall. Yet, it is not recommended for winter.

On the other hand, the long one is great for winter season. You do not need to worry about versatility. This camel coat is very great to move around.

5. Wrap Camel Coat

Wrap Camel Coat

As the name implies, this kind of camel coat wraps around your body. As a matter of fact, nowadays a lot of women are wearing this kind of coat for the outer, not for the warmer.

That is why you can find a lot of women’s camel hair coat with this model. It is a good thing to have actually. It is because you can choose one from many different brands that you like.

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6. Swing Camel Coat

Swing Camel Coat

The basic look of this camel hair coat is like the suit for a man. Yet, the length of this coat is the main difference of this camel coat and the suit of a man.

Yes, the length of this camel coat is reaching the knees of the wearer. If you need an example of this camel coat, you can see Michele Obama.

She wore this kind of coat most of the time in many different seasons. She is a great model of this camel coat too.

7. Teddy Camel Coat

Teddy Camel Coat

This is the perfect camel hair coat if you are living on the cold area. That is because this camel coat offers you the warmth like nothing else.

It is true that the camel coat does not have the hoodie or something like that. Yet, the warmth is something that many people looking for in winter.

Besides that, this teddy camel coat can fit both men and women. So, you do not need to worry about gender difference or something like that.

8. Leather Trench Coat

Leather Trench Coat

You need to understand it once more. The camel hair coat is not made of the camel leather. That is why even though this coat is made of leather, it is not from the camel.

Talking about the material, you cannot deny that the leather material is expensive. That is why when you buy this kind of camel coat, you need to make sure that you keep a good attention to the leather material.

9. Toggle Camel Coat

Toggle Camel Coat

The toggle camel coat is quite popular because of the unique distinction. Yes, you can see that this camel coat has the unique looking fasteners.

That might be the reason behind the name of the toggle camel coat. Since this kind of camel hair coat is thick, there are not many people who wear this camel coat outside winter season. Fortunately, the look of this camel coat is perfect to be your winter wardrobe.

10. Checkerboard Camel Coat

Checkerboard Camel Coat

This last one is the real deal of fashion in the world of camel coat. As a matter of fact, there are some nice brands that make the checkerboard style. You can see the Larry Levine camel hair coat as an example.

They have some nice models of the checkerboard camel coat that you can try. Wearing this kind of camel coat on the street will make you be the center of attention. You can try it if you want.

Those models are some of the models that you can choose. If you want something other than that, that is your choice. Yet, those camel hair coat models up there are some of the best that you can find.

You can surely be the center of attention when you are wearing one of those models above. So, you only have to choose one camel coat to fit your need.

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