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4 Ways To Get Sharpie Off Skin easily

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how to get sharpie off your skin

There are times when you get a bit of sharpie in your skin. Even though this is not bad at all, some people feel that this is something quite annoying.

That is why some people are asking the fast ways of how to get sharpie off skin. If you are experiencing the same thing over and over again, then you might also need these things.

You might have to learn how to get sharpie off your skin in the shortest time. Here are some of those ways that you can try if you want to remove the sharpie from your skin.

How To Get Sharpie Off Your Skin

1. Chemicals and Medication

The meaning of medication is that you are using a kind of chemicals that you can buy at a drug store and such things.

This one is actually something quite popular as one way of how to get sharpie off your skin. Yet, the price of the chemicals can be quite expensive sometimes.

Even though the price can also be quite affordable, at least you have to pay for the chemicals that you buy at the store.

2. Nail Polish

For many girls, bringing nail polish to school is something quite common. That is because they will usually use the nail polish at school during their free time.

For your information, the nail polish can also be used as the ingredient of how to get sharpie off skin at school. That is because the sharpie is still on the outer part of your skin.

That is why using the nail polish can be a great help. That is because the oil of the nail polish will help you to get rid of the sharpie in your skin.

3. Olive Oil

The next thing that you can use to remove the sharpie off your skin is olive oil. This is one nice answer to the question of how to get sharpie off skin.

That is because the olive oil is something that you can find in the kitchen. Yes, you will never have any problem when you are looking for the olive oil in the kitchen.

Or else, as the replacement of the olive oil, you can also try to use baby oil. However, the olive oil is more effective compared with the baby oil.

4. Alcohol

The last one is alcohol. This is the last one on the list, but the alcohol can be considered as one of the best ones.

That is why the answer of how to get market off skin easily is using alcohol. Yes, it does not matter if you are using sharpie or some other kinds of markers.

Alcohol will always be the best answer to remove those marks from your skins.

Those are some of the things that you can use if you accidentally have the marks of sharpie on your skin.

For your information, all those things can also be used for plastic materials. Therefore, if you are asking how to get permanent marker off plastic things, you can also use one of those things above. That is because those things are the answers of how to get sharpie off skin. Good luck with that.

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