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7+ Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye 2020

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permanent blue hair dye

Blue hair color is not something hard to find. It is because the blue color for the hair is quite popular.

As a matter of fact, Amazon as one of the largest marketplace in the world has a lot of nice permanent blue hair dye that you can choose.

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

If you are interested, you can try one of these products below to get the perfect blue color for your hair.

1. Bigen Blue Black Color

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

In many countries, Bigen has its own market. As one of those brands that have manufactured hair dye products for many years, Bigen has a nice dark blue color for its permanent blue hair dye.

You can check the number of 88 if you want to get the blue color. That is the specific number of dark blue dye from Bigen.

2. Water Works Water Activated No 21

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

Not all of the people want to be bothered with the dyeing process of their hair. That is why they choose to have a water-based hair dye.

If you do, then seven dollars Water Activated no 21 from Water Works will work perfectly. It is because the permanent blue hair dye is very easy to apply.

3. Manic Panic Hair Dye Classic Cream

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

For those who often go to a barber or a hair salon, the name of Manic Panic Blue might be quite common.

This brand is commonly used in many barbers and hair salons for the simple hair dyeing process. It does not take a long time to finish and the result is quite stunning.

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4. Jerome Russel Punky Color

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

It is not hard to find many punk kids with colorful hair colors. That is the origin of the Jerome Russel Punky Color.

This product has the nice permanent blue hair dye. Yet, it is not fully permanent because your hair will go back to its original color within some weeks. So, it is something worth to try.

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5. Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

Even though the products said that you will get the metallic look, the output looks like a bit purple.  Some people call this color as the midnight blue color.

If you know how the color of midnight blue is, then that is the kind of color that you will get from this permanent blue hair dye.

6. Arctic Fox

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

Arctic Fox is one of the best hair dyes that you can find in Amazon. The reason is because of the color options that you can get from this brand.

To make it even better, this permanent blue hair dye Amazon is quite cheap. It is around 12 dollars only. So, you will not need to spend a lot of money on it.

7. Joico Color Intensity Blue

Best Permanent Blue Hair Dye

Similar to Arctic Fox, Joico offers you some nice blue color options for the permanent blue hair dye. If you want something light, you can try the mermaid blue color from Joico. Yet, if you want something darker,

you can choose the sapphire color to make it slightly darker. Even though this product is sold around 15 dollars, the quality is worth to pay.

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