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3+ Best Natural Instincts Hair Color 2020

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natural instincts hair color

Natural Instinct is one of the best hair dye brands that you can find in many marketplaces, including Amazon.

One reason that made this product quite popular is because of the Natural Instincts hair color. There are a lot of natural hair colors that you can get from Natural Instinct.

Other than that reason, the maker of Natural Instincts hair color is another thing that made people choose this brand over some other brands out there. Natural Instinct only uses the best and most natural ingredients.

Among all of those colors that you can find from Natural Instinct, there are some colors that become the most favorite of many women out there.

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color

Here the list of Natural Instincts hair color that becomes the most popular ones that you can find in Amazon.

1. Natural Instinct Light Caramel

Natural Instinct Light Caramel

One of the best color options that you can get from natural Instinct is the light caramel. The code is 6BZ,

just in case you want to know which specific color of the Natural Instincts hair color is. The combination of shady black with dark blonde from this dye is very fantastic.

The light caramel color is the one that will make you look beautiful. In Amazon, you can find a set of three packs of this hair dye product from Natural Instinct. The price is quite affordable, around 21 dollars only.

2. Natural Instinct Ebony Mocha

Natural Instinct Ebony Mocha

The second Clairol Natural Instinct hair color option that you can choose is ebony mocha. This color is not black such as ebony.

It is also not a mocha that shines quite bright. The color dyeing result of this hair dye is quite exotic. It is basically a black or ebony with a slight color changing into a mocha.

If you need an example, you can check the Natural Instincts hair color from many Asian people. The color looks a bit similar with the natural black color of the hair of the Asian people.

With the starting price around 19 dollars for three packs of this hair dye, it is not a bad idea to try.

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3. Natural Instinct Light Blonde

Natural Instinct Light Blonde

Blonde is one nice hair color that many women love. Unfortunately, there are many women who have darker blonde color, not the bright or light one.

That is whys the light blonde color option from Natural Instincts hair color will be the nice one to try. This hair color option will give you the shiny blonde color result that you are dreaming of.

You do not need to worry if your hair is black by nature. This hair dye from Natural Instinct will be able to do the trick. There are three packs inside so you can be sure that the result will be great.

Other than a pack of three, you can also get the single sachet of the Natural Instincts hair color if you want.

Of course, the price is cheaper so that you can get one just in case if you want to make the color bolder.

It is because the hair dye is actually Clairol Natural Instincts semi-permanent hair color. That means, after few weeks, the color will fade a little bit.

That is the perfect time to add more hair dye into your hair

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