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7+ Best Light Blue Hair Dye 2020

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light blue hair dye

As one of the most wanted hair color, light blue is becoming one great option for many people to choose for their hair dyes.

That is why Amazon provides you with some nice light blue hair dye to fit this kind of need.

Best Light Blue Hair Dye

For those who want to get a nice light blue color for the hair, you need to try one of these products from Amazon.

1. Punky Color Lagoon Blue

Light Blue Hair Dye

Since there are some blue hair color options from Punky Color, you have to choose the Lagoon Blue color from Punky Color.

This is the perfect color option if you want to get the nice soft and light blue color from your light blue hair dye.

For the price, Punky Color is sold around seven dollars for a small jar.

2. Arctic Fox Aquamarine

Light Blue Hair Dye

You do not have to ask about the result of the aquamarine color from Artic fox. The result is not something that will disappoint your personal expectation.

This light blue hair dye is great because the hair dye works great in many hair color. That means you can still get a nice light blue color despite of your dark hair color.

3. Joico Color Intensity Mermaid Blue

Light Blue Hair Dye

The output color of Mermaid Blue from Joico is a bit similar with the aquamarine from Arctic Fox. Yet, Joico gives you the darker blue color.

It is as if the product is great for generating the light blue hair dye for dark hair.

However, the price is a bit expensive because you need to pay around 15 dollars for the hair dye products from Joico.

4. Dcash Permanent Hair Color Blue

Light Blue Hair Dye

Dcash is meant for the professional in the world of hair coloring. It is because they give specific coloring number for their products.

One of them is the B000 blue color. This number will give you the light blue hair dye that you need.
Though you can see the sample on its pack, it is better for you to learn the indexing too.

5. Starlist Premium Punk Goth

Light Blue Hair Dye

The next one that you can try Punk Goth option from Starlist Premium. This brand offers you the premium light blue hair dye quality.

Yet, the price is very affordable, around 13 dollars only. For the Punk Goth hair dye result,

you will get a kind of soft blue heading to navy blue hair. The result is slightly darker.

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6. N Rage Cobalt Blue

Light Blue Hair Dye

Cobalt blue is not something popular, but N Rage gives this color to one of their hair dye variants.

The light blue hair dye from N Rage gives you the kind of shiny and bold light blue color.

It is as of your hair is shining in matte color. For a price less than 10 dollars, this product is not bad at all.

7. Splat Maya Teal Blue

Light Blue Hair Dye

The last one in the list is Maya teal Blue color from Splat, the Borderlands Series. As the name implies,

you will get the teal blue color result from this light blue hair dye. The teal blue is not that dark.  As a matter of fact, it tends to be a bit greenish if you ask. So, make your own choice.

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