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7 Best Kanekalon Braiding Hair 2020

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Best Kanekalon Braiding Hair

Braid is one kind of hair that many women love to have. Yet, there are a lot of them who are not patience enough to wait for their hair to grow long. One solution for those who have the similar problem is by adding the Kanekalon braiding hair.

For those who have not known, the Kanekalon is one of the best hair extension products for braid hair that many women chose. It is because of the cheap Kanekalon braiding hair price.

As an addition to that, you can create a lot of different braid model for your new 2020 hairstyle Accessories. If you are interested, you can try some of these amazing models by adding the Kanekalon braid.

Colorful Kanekalon Braiding Hair

1. Triple Kanekalon Cornrow

colorful kanekalon braiding hair

The cornrow braid is getting more and more attention lately. In the past, this kind of braid is limited to the black women. Nowadays, there are a lot of white women with this kind of hairstyle.

That is because nowadays you can find many different cornrow styles. One of them is the triple cornrow Kanekalon braiding hair. This kind of braid is not that hard to execute.

As a matter of fact, you will not need hours at the salon to do this kind of cornrow. You only need three large cornrows on the top and on the side of your head. After you do that, you can continue the braid using the large Kanekalon braid.

2. Fishtail Kanekalon Braid

Fishtail kanekalon braiding hair

The fishtail Kanekalon braid will be the perfect option if you want something simple to try. This kind of braid is actually the simple fishtail braid.

That is why you will also need the large Kanekalon braiding hair to get this kind of hair model. For your information, you might want to choose the medium-sized Kanekalon hair if your actual hair is a bit thin.

This one is to give you the natural outcome of the hair extension that you get from Kanekalon. If you want a bit of change over the common fishtail, you can try the side fishtail. This will give a different impression over your braid.

3. Layered Kanekalon Cornrow

kanekalon braiding hair ombre

This kind of braid is considered as the traditional cornrow. Even though, you should not say that this kind of braid is outdated. It is because this kind of hairstyle will make you look beautiful. For your consideration, this hairstyle is simple.

Yet, the outcome of this Kanekalon braiding hair is something fascinating. For your consideration, there are a lot of women who tried some different colors for the cornrow.

That is because you can have the colored kanekalon braiding hair if you want. The colorful braids will make your cornrow looks better. Yet, you should not choose the full colored Kanekalon braid. It is better if you only use the colors as the shade.

4. Double Straight Back Kanekalon Cornrow


Double Straight braiding hair ombre



The basic idea of this double straight cornrow is quite similar with the triple cornrow. With the help of the large braid from Kanekalon, you will be able to get the perfect braid that you want.
However, you will only need two large cornrows to split your hair into two parts. After that, you will need the Kanekalon braiding hair to combine those two cornrows on the back. As the result, there will be two cornrows on your head.

However, you will only have one tail on the back of your head. Since you are combining two large cornrows, you will also need the large braid from Kanekalon. Or else, the look will be a bit awkward.

5. Headband Kanekalon Braid

Headband Kanekalon Braid

The headband braid might be one of those braids that belong to the women with blonde hair color. That is because many of them have this kind of braid. It is something very simple and you can have this kind of braid in an instant.

However, what should you do if your hair is short enough? The answer is the Kanekalon braiding hair. You can get the large Kanekalon braids to help you get the perfect headband using the braids.

If you think the size of the large braid from Kanekalon is too big, you can choose the medium-sized one.

6. Updo Kanekalon Braids

Updo kanekalon braiding hair

Who said that updo is for women with straight or wavy hair? This kind of hairstyle is also great even with the braid. As a matter of fact, the perfect braids from Kanekalon will make your updo looks better in many ways.

For this kind of hairstyle, you can either choose the medium of large Kanekalon braiding hair. That is because the large size sometimes a bit too big for the updo.

That is why some women choose the medium-sized one that will make it perfect. However, there is one thing that you need to highlight.

It is the length for the braid. In many cases, you will need a long braid to get the nice updo. Or else, you can also try the two-tone kanekalon braiding hair to generate the nice shade over the long braids.

7. High Twisted Kanekalon Ponytail Braid

High Twisted Kanekalon Ponytail Braid

This is the last one and this might be one of the most complex of all. It is because you will need two different sizes of Kanekalon braids to get the perfect high twist that you want.

For the start, you will need to tie your hair a bit high on the back of your head. After that, you will need the large or medium Kanekalon braiding hair to continue your current hair.

For the finishing, you will need the smaller size braid for the end-tail of your ponytail. Make sure you use the smaller braid size for the lower part to make the ponytail looks better.

Basically, there are few models that you can get for your Kanekalon braiding hair. That is because this brand does offer you the limited models that you can choose.

However, if you know how to get the perfect braid, then those models from Kanekalon are enough. You can have the amazing braid for your 2020 braid hairstyle. Are not you interested in trying one?

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