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Top 10 Best Human Crochet Hair 2020

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human crochet hair brands

You cannot deny the human crochet hair looks perfect with the women with dark skin tone. This might be the reason why many of those women buy the artificial crochet hair.

It is because this kind of hair can make their appearance looks better. Unfortunately, there are a lot of artificial crochet hairs that you can find at the market.

Human Crochet Hair Brands

To make it worse, some of them are not good at all. That is why you need to choose the best crochet hair to give you the best human crochet hairstyles. If you want, some of these crochet hairs are great to consider.

1. Goddess Loc Crochet

Goddess Loc Crochet

The first crochet hair that you can try is the Goddess Loc Crochet. You can find this affordable crochet hair in Amazon.

With the average price of 30 dollars for six packs, this crochet hair is worth to buy. For the average length, this hair length is about 18 inches.

So, you can get the nice and long human crochet hair curly that you want.

2. Wavy Faux Loc Braid

Wavy Faux Loc Braid

If you love the ombre hairstyle, then this crochet is something perfect. This crochet hair has the length around 20 inches. That is one long length for a nice crochet hair.

As an addition to that, one-third part of this crochet hair has different color tone. It is the ombre. This is something nice if you want an accent from your crochet hair.

It is better than coloring the artificial crochet hair that you have. Do not you think so?

3. Toyotrees Tiana Passion Twist

Toyotrees Tiana Passion Twist

As the name implies, this human crochet hair styles gives you the amazing twist. Some women even say that the twist of this crochet hair is very beautiful.

That is why a lot of women buy this product at Amazon. Talking about the price, this crochet hair is a bit expensive. You can get it around 60 dollars. Yet, you can get around 12 strands.

So, that is not too expensive because you get a lot of strands if you buy this crochet hair.

4. Long Bohemian for Goddess Twist

Passion Twist Crochet Braiding Hair

This crochet hair is another great twist that you can get in Amazon. This crochet hair has the smallest crochet style that will make your hair looks a bit straight.

Yet, you can still get the nice impression of the human crochet hair brands from this crochet.

For your information, this artificial hair is great if you want to have the straight looking hairstyle. It is like a dream of many women out there.

5. Senegal Twist Crochet Hair

Senegale Twist Crochet Hair

Who said that women have to appear mature all of the times? This Senegale twist human crochet hair curly is one exception.

It is because this artificial hair has the additional clips on it. As an addition to that, those clips are colorful. It is as if you are a teenage girl with beautiful crochet hair.

Who does not want to have that kind of impression from the crochet hair? If you have the same though, then you need this crochet hair from Amazon.

For the price, you only have to pay around 30 dollars for this cute crochet hair.

6. Crochet Braiding Jumbo

Crochet Braiding Jumbo

Some people will think that this human crochet hair is actually a braid. It is true because this artificial hair is very big.

You can compare it with many other crochets out there. From far away, you might not notice the crochet of this hair. You will only notice the braid.

Yet, if you come closer, you will find the tiny crochet in those big braids. It is a good way to show that your crochet is something sleek.

7. 14 Inches Senegal Twist Crochet

14 Inches Senegal Twist Crochet

Some women want to have the long crochet. Meanwhile, there are some others who want to have the shorter hair length.

That is why the 14 inches Senegale twist crochet is something worth to try. The length of this human crochet hair is perfect for women who dream of having the medium-length hair.

As an addition to that, the tip of this artificial hair is pointy enough. This way, you will have the perfect combination of sleek crochet and pointy ends.

8. Tiana Pre Twisted Passion Twist

Tiana Pre Twisted Passion Twist

This pre loop human crochet hair is great if you want to show your crochet hair. The reason is because the size of the crochet is big enough.

At least, it is bigger than many other artificial crochet hair out there. That is why the crochet from the hair is very visible.

For your consideration, Tiana is one of those nice brands of the artificial crochet hair. That is why you can expect the price of this human crochet hair is a bit expensive.

9. Spring Twist Crochet Bomb

Spring Twist Crochet Bomb

This one is a bit similar with the previous one. The size is almost similar. The length of this artificial hair is also a bit similar, around 16 inches. Yet, this one has no specific brand.

That is why the price of this artificial crochet is very affordable. You only have to pay around 20 dollars for three strands of this crochet hair.

If you think it is expensive, then you need to check on its quality first.

10. Kanekalon Fiber Crochet Hair

kanekalon fiber crochet hair

The last one is the fiber crochet from Kanekalon braiding hair. You can say that this crochet is actually not a human crochet hair. It is because Kanekalon are using the synthetic material for this artificial crochet.

Yet, the texture of their fiber crochet is very smooth. You will not believe it after you touch the texture of their synthetic material.

That is something that only a big producer such as Kanekalon can do. There is nothing to question from Kanekalon.

There are countless products of the human crochet hair that you can find at the market. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, you need to make sure to make the right decision.

That is why it is not a bad idea to choose one of those samples above. Those 10 crochet hairs are some of the best that you can find.

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