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5+ Ways To Sleep With Curly Hair At Night

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how to sleep with curly hair

Go to sleep with a perfect head of curls and wake up with a flattened mess seems to become every woman’s dream at night.
Well, the truth is that we can’t just simply wake up and believe that your hair is that okay.

But that thing will not bother you so much if you put in a little effort before you hit the sheets at the night before.

Here are a few prebedtime techniques that might help you maintain your happy, bouncy, and less frizzy morning as you want.

Here is some easy way how to sleep with curly hair. Try these different hairstyles to see which ones work best for your hair while still getting a restful night’s sleep.

It will become clear that a celebrity stylist is not required for a great look.

How To Sleep With Curly Hair

Ways To Sleep With Curly Hair At Night


Most curly girls like to make their dry hair into pineapple while they sleep. The step is, flip your dry hair all the way over, then secure into a very high and loose ponytail.

Use a fabric covered hair tie to avoid denting or breaking the hair. In the backside, separate the ponytail so that half is on each side of your head.

This is the best way to sleep with curly hair. In the morning, a quick splash of a water or curl refresher will take care of the rest!


The bun is also an alternative for how to sleep with curly hair. If your hair is long, a pineapple may not be enough to keep your hair on top of your head.

If you find that you still end up sleeping on your pineappled hair, try a bun instead.

Because your hair will be more contained than a traditional pineapple, you may lose more definition.

Loose bun

Minimize the frizz on your head by wearing a loose bun before coming to bed.

Apply some leave-in cream conditioner, then scrunch some gel on your hair before a bun on your head.

Make sure that the bun should be loose so the curls will not end up too tight. And that’s, how to sleep with curly hair in an easy way.

How to Sleep with Wet Curly Hair

  1. go to bed with completely dry hair that has “set”. So make sure you take care of your hair first.
  2. use something to protect your hair like a buff or put it up in a protective style, like a scarf.
  3. use a silk pillowcase. In this case, you should use silk because it does not give a lot of damage to your hair while you sleeping.
  4. use a scalp treatment serum or dry shampoo for scalp issues. If you don’t have a problem with it, you can skip it.
  5. do scalp massages every few days, it will make you feel more relaxed.

voila, that’s how to sleep with curly hair at night. If you use that trick, the next morning, your hair will stay in good curly shape.

To ensure your hairstyle still in always good curly shape, do this trick every night. Well, every good appearance always requires a huge effort.

so let start it and see what you can do if you want to do how to sleep with curly hair.

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