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How To Make Cold Ginger Water For Weight Loss

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How To Make Cold Ginger Water For Weight Loss

Some people have known the benefits of ginger water. However, there are some of them who are asking about when to drink ginger water. If you are also asking the same question, then the answer is in the morning.

That is because drinking the ginger water in the morning is great for your health. The ginger is able to absorb some containments that your body does not need after the digestion at night.

That is why early morning before you take your breakfast is the best time to consume the ginger water.

Once you have learned the time when you can drink the ginger water extract, you might want to learn how to make ginger water. If you are interested, you can simply follow these simple steps below.

How To Make Cold Ginger Water For Weight Loss

1. Ginger Preparation

For the start, you will need to prepare the ginger first. Based on the location, some countries have some different kinds of gingers that you can choose.

If you can, try to find the red ginger of the giant ginger. These are the best gingers that you can get for the extraction.

2. Roast the Ginger

After you have the ginger, you need to skew those gingers and roast them a bit. The roasting process is meant to soften the skin. This way, the skin is easy to peel later on.

As an addition, the roast is also meant to bring out the extract of the ginger itself. With this extraction process, you will get the ginger water benefits that you want.

3. Peel the Skin

Once you have roasted the gingers, you need to peel off the outer skin of the gingers. That is because the outer skins will look a bit burnt. Make sure you keep that out from the drink.

4. Mash the Ginger

After you peel the skins, the next step of how to make ginger water is to mash the gingers.

This one is used to release the ginger extract. Some people even grate the gingers to release the extract.

Either way, it is something that you can try. If you want to make it simpler, you just need to mash it until the gingers look a bit wet.

5. Boil the Mashed Ginger

After you mash the gingers, you need to boil the gingers in some water. For your information, a small piece of ginger can be used for a small cup of water. That means you will need more gingers if you want to boil more water gingers.

6. Add Additional Ingredients

The last but not least, you might want to add some other ingredients when you are boiling the water. Some brown sugar will be a great addition for the drink.

Or else, you can also add few slices of lemon. That will be the great ginger water benefits for weight loss, because you add some lemons there.

That is a brief information that you might need if you want to consume the ginger water extracts for your health.

Once you have learned the way of how to make ginger water, you can make one on your own now.

For the better result that you want, you can consume up to two glasses of ginger water extract every single day.

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