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6+ How To Cut Bangs For Curly Hair

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how to cut bangs for curly hair

Bangs are always welcomed no matter what your hair texture is. However, if you have curly hair, bangs are a little bit hard to apply and you don’ t know how to cut bangs for curly hair?

If you cut ‘em too short, they could spring up like a Jack-in-the-box. But if you cut them too long, maybe they will end up looking like an uneven, chunky layer.

How To Cut Bangs For Curly Hair

How To Cut Bangs For Curly Hair

If you want a new attractive hair model, maybe curly hair with bangs is the answer.

Although I said that they are a little bit hard to apply, it just depends on how you treat and how to cut bangs on your curly hair. Just try it, using the recommendation below. So here, how to cut bangs for curly hair:

1. first step

Make sure you always make your hair dry and its in natural state before you cut your curly hair with bangs.

Why? Because if you let your hair wet or straightened first, there is a probability you will cut the bangs too short because normally a curly and wavy hair type will shrink or getting shorter when they dry.

2. Divide the hair

divide hair into a few parts where the comb leaves the hairline (about 1 inch away from the hairline). The part should run parallel to the hairline.

3. Comb hair down

Comb hair down using a wide-tooth comb and clip everything else away with large hair clips. If you want bangs to frame your face, pull hair to opposite sides then start cutting from there.

4. Cut

cut with a sharp pair of hair shears slightly, so they are just opening and closing down on curl.

Cut each curl one by one on a slant. Always allow an extra length before cutting using the Point-cut your bangs using small snips (one curl at a time) to ensure you get the best bang cut.

Comb bang curls again to make sure you have the hair cut as you want. This is the secret if you want to know how to cut bangs for curly hair.

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5. Check

check the length of the bangs. If you wanna trim them a little bit more, comb through the hair again then pull over them to the other side of your face.

Trim the hair off in small increments to avoid cutting the bangs too short.

Ideally, they will hit right below your cheekbone and hug the side of your face in a gentle side sweep.

Check the length after each round of trimming.

6. Finishing

At the finishing, just do whatever you like until you get a haircut you want.

Tips how to cut bangs for curly hair

1. When sectioning, pay attention to where the head starts to slope down to the forehead and then create a triangular section with the top of the triangle landing on this point.

2. if your face is kind of like “no face-frame”, just leave the fringe about one or two-inch longer, then go ahead and wash your hair.

Once the hair is getting dry, the curls will spring up a bit and it will be easier to go in and detail each curl to get bang length you desire.

So how is it? ready to have a new cute bangs haircut? curly hair with bangs very beautiful for a girl too long and short hairstyle, That is the easy way how to cut curly hair. Goodluck.

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