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5+ Best Hair Chalk for Kids 2020

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hair chalk for kids

You cannot deny that many kids nowadays want to appear attractively. Coloring their hair is one of the things that they are eager to do.

Yet, that is not a good thing for the kids. As the parents, you can try using the hair chalk for kids as the alternative for the hair dye.

The hair chalk is actually a bit similar with the hair dye, but it is relatively safe.

Best Hair Chalk For Kids

Besides that, the hair chalk is something temporary so that you do not need to worry even though your kids have colorful hair from the chalk.

There are so many different brands of the hair chalk that you can find in Amazon. If you want, here are some of the best hair chalk for kids that you can find in Amazon.

1. GirlZone Hair Chalk Set

hair chalk for kids

The first hair chalk for kids that you can try is the hair chalk set from GirlZone. This chalk set consist of ten different colors that your kids can try for their hair.

All of the colors are quite cheerful so that you do not need to worry that this chalk set will result in gloomy colors.

For the price, you can easily get this chalk hair color for kids around 25 dollars in Amazon.

2. Jumbo Hair Chalk Pen

Jumbo Hair Chalk Pen from Kids Hair Chalk

The second one that you can choose is the jumbo hair chalk pen from Kids Hair Chalk. Talking about the size,

this hair chalk for kids is considered as one of the big sizes of chalk pens that you can find in Amazon. In a set of this hair chalk, you will find six sticks with some different colors.

Some of you might say that the number of colors is a bit limited. That is not a problem because you can use one color for 80 times of application.

That is what you will get from the jumbo hair chalk.

3. Coolkesi Hair Chalk Comb

hair chalk for kids

Coolkesi is quite famous for its chalk comb. This kind of hair chalk is a bit different compared with some other hair chalk for kids.

It is because the form of this hair chalk is not like a pen. It is like a real comb. This way, you only have to comb the hair of your kid and their hair will turn into the color that you can find on the comb. 

The price is not that expensive too, but the usage is quite limited compared with the pen hair chalk.

4. Maydear Comb Hair Dye

hair chalk for kids

Even though the name is chalk hair dye for kids, this product is actually a real hair chalk that is specifically for the kids.

There is no dye at all on this product. As a matter of fact, this product is washable so that you can easily clean the hair of your kids with a simple rinse.

For your information, the hair chalk for kids from Maydear offers you the pastel colors. So, if your kid is looking for the pastel colors, the Maydear comb hair dye is the one.

5. Kyerivs 6-Color Hair Chalks

hair chalk for kids

The last one is the hair chalk for kids from Kyerivs. The form of the hair chalk from Kyerivs is like a comb.

This way, you will not have any problems when you are applying the hair chalk to your kid. With the price of 12 to 15 dollars only,

this pack is a good deal that you should not miss. There are six nice colors that you can find from Kyerivs.

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