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3+ Best Trends Of Feria Hair Color

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feria hair color

Until this time, Loreal has been one of the best brands of beauty and personal care that you can find in the world,

Especially if you are talking about the things related to your hair. For your information, Loreal released the new Feria Hair Color recently.

Some people think that this product is just like many other dyes out there, but it is different from many others out there.

Loreal Feria Hair Color

The Feria Hair Color is something special from Loreal. It is because this hair dye gives you the bold color options.

The shimmering colors of this dye are also one of those things that inspire many women out there to try the color options of Feria.

If you are interested, there are actually some colors that become the trends in Amazon. Here are some of those Loreal Feria hair color options that you can try.

1. Feria Hair Color Rosy Blush

Feria Hair Color Rosy Blush

The first color that you can get is the smokey pink color. This color is included in one of those pastel color options from Feria Hair Color.

The combination of greyish and soft pink color makes this hair color looks totally amazing. To make sure that you are not getting the wrong pastel color,

you can ask for the P2 Rosy Blush color. That is the code for this special soft pink pastel color from Feria. For the price, you only have to pay around 10 dollars for this hair dye.

2. Feria Hair Color Bordeaux Bombshell

Feria Hair Color Bordeaux Bombshell

Bordeaux is quite known for its nice bombshells with dark burgundy hair color. That is the origin of the Feria Hair Color dark burgundy.

The dark impression over the burgundy color makes it looks like a real dark chocolate color from afar. However, once you get close to it,

you will notice that the color of the hair is actually dark burgundy. For your information, this Feria Hair Color is one of the premium feria products from Loreal.

That is why you have to pay more if you want to get this hair dye from Loreal.

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3. Feria Hair Color Pure Diamond

Feria Hair Color Pure Diamond

Blonde is still becoming one of the best hair colors that many women dream of. Loreal knows that very well by making the Pure Diamond variant from their Feria product.

Feria Pure Diamond gives you the shimmering blonde with the very light result. It is as if you have your own natural blonde hair if you are using this Feria Hair Color hair dye.

The result of this color looks very bright. Some parts of your hair might look a bit white because of this hair dye. Yet, there is nothing to worry about since this product is very amazing.

Those are three of the best trends that you can try in 2020 from Feria Loreal. If you are interested in some other color options,

you can always try to check the Feria Hair Color chart from their online website. There will be some other color options to choose from Feria Hair Color.

Who knows that you will find another nice color that you love?

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