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3 Best Face Mask For Blackhead Removal DIY

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3 Best Face Mask For Blackhead Removal DIY

Blackhead is not something dangerous. Even though, this kind of face problem is considered as something very annoying, especially for those who put appearance as their priority.

How To Make Face Masks For Blackheads

If you are one of those people, you might want to think about using the DIY face masks for blackheads that you can try on your own. That is because there are some different homemade mask for blackheads that you have in your face.

As an addition to that, some of these Face Mask For Blackhead Removal are good for closing the pores of your face. Here are some of those masks.

1. Milk and Honey Mask

Many people have been using milk and honey for their mask. That is because these ingredients have a lot of benefits. One of them is to clean the blackhead from your face.

To make the mask, you need to add few tablespoon of honey on 100ml of milk. If you think that the mixture is too thin, you can add more honey.

After that, you can get a cotton ball to apply the mixture in your face. For your information, this is not a peel off blackhead mask. That is why you can wash your face after ten to 15 minutes.

2. Lemon and Egg Mask

The combination of white egg and lemon is something that you can also use as the DIY face masks for blackheads, especially if you have the oily skin.

That is because these ingredients are able to absorb all of the excessive oil in your face. To make one, you just need the white part of an egg. After that, add some lemon juice extract.

Apply the mask and wait it to dry for about 15 minutes. This natural blackhead mask has been proved by a lot of people around the world.

For your information, some people are adding the charcoal extract to the mask. However, that is not necessary at all.

It is because the charcoal is meant to help you see the white spots. For the blackheads, you can make the DIY masks without charcoal.

3. Honey and Cinnamon

Not all of the people are using cinnamon for their facemask. That might be caused by the fact that they do not really know the function of cinnamon in getting rid of the blackheads.

For your information, the cinnamon has the antibacterial extract. If you mix the cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey, you can make the antibacterial mixture for your face.

This way, you can easily deal with blackheads and acne. Is not that something good to try?

Those are some of the mixtures that you can try if you are asking how to remove the blackheads in your face.

For your information, basically there are still some other mixtures that you can try such as honey and baking soda, yoghurt and oatmeal, and also aloe vera.

However, those three mixtures above are considered as some of the best DIY face masks for blackheads. Or else, you can always try for the blackhead strips if you want. It is surely simpler. Yet, the blackheads remover strips can be quite painful sometimes. The choice is all yours to make.

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