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3+ Easy Ways To Wrap Your Hair At Night

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how to wrap your hair

why wrap your hair? Because hair wrapping is an important way to make your hairstyle stay maintenance.

mostly people with naturally curly or frizzy hair wrap their hair. Wrapping around your head and keep the sections straight and taut while they dry will makes your hair looks relaxed.

Follow these instructions below on how to wrap your hair before you dry it or to maintain it at night.

How To Wrap Your Hair At Night

Easy Ways To Wrap Your Hair

1. first thing if you want to know the easy way to wrap your hair, divide your hair into 2 or 4 sections.

If you have a thick head of hair, you should divide it into 4 sections.

If your hair is already relaxed or straightened and dry, you only need to part it into 2 sections to keep the hair more uniform.

Use a rat tail comb to make sure the sections are parted in straight lines along the scalp.

2. Comb the first part on the bottom left side of your hair, starting from roots to ends.

Make sure your hair is not tangled. You have to get the hair as straight and smooth as possible before wrap the hair Comb each of the remaining parts individually.

This important if you want to do how to wrap your hair tutorial.

Work each section until it is smooth enough and free from tangles.

You can use alligator clips to keep the sections apart. Wrap the bottom left section starting from around the base of your head, right above your ear and around the top of your head.

You should continue wrapping in a swirl pattern around the outside of your head until you reach the end.

Make sure it stays straight in every area. in the wrapped section at the top with large alligator clips.

You may need to add a pin to the hair above the nape of your neck or a few other places that feel loose.

however, you should try to use clips or pins as few as you can, because it will crimp your hair.

Hence the how to wrap your hair tutorial didn’t make it.

3. Repeat the wrapping from the bottom right section Wrap your hair part around the base of your skull.

above the left ear and around the top of the head. Don’t forget to clip it. Wrap the top left section around the right side of the head.

below the 2 previous wraps, or above them, you can use clips if necessary.

Keep wrap it although it may be hard to wrap all of the parts of the hair because the comb can sensitively disturb other parts.

Wrapping after combing depends upon your preference. Your hair should look like a bee nest. It should have a wide, higher section around the entire outside of the head.

Don’t pile the sections of the hair on top of each other, but make them swirl around each other.

Last but least, if you want to know how to wrap your hair at night. Wrap a scarf made from satin around your wrapped hair before you go to bed.

The satin will help to smooth the hair at night and avoid excess breakage during your sleep. See? how to wrap your hair tutorial isn’t that hard. Jus try these steps and your hair will get wrapped nicely.

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