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10+ Best 80’s Hairstyles For Guys

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80s hairstyles for guys

The 1980s can be named as a decade of all excess. The generation of young people at that time placed a heavy emphasis on materialism, individuality, and consumerism.

80’s Hairstyles Men’s

all of which were reflected in the popular fashions and hairstyles at that time. But, at least they have lots of legacies so we can copy them.

One of them is the 80’s men’s hairstyles. If you wonder what best hair 80s hairstyles for guys, read this.

1. Big Hair

80s hairstyles for guys

One of the most memorable things about what happened in the 80s is that it was the decade of a lot of big hair.

Many superstars and many more regular working people choose to fluff their hair up.

2. Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyle

Another of the 80s men’s hairstyles are the mullet. In order to wear one, you only need to cut your hair short in front and on the sides while allowing the back to grow long.

3. Jheri Curl

Jheri Curl

One popular style among African American men of that era was known as the Jheri curl. Michael Jackson made this hairstyle become popular.

When his album Thriller was released and he appeared in videos for songs from the album with Jheri curl.

4. Wet Look And Pompadour

Wet Look And Pompadour

One thing that this hairstyle brought to the forefront was the “wet look”. It was likely this style that caught people’s eyes and made them interest to using pomade to make their hair shine as if wet, even when it was actually dry.

5. Old-School Style

Old-School Style

Hip-hop fashion is steadily returning to its roots. Back in first 1980s, the Hip Hop Hairstyle was legendary, instantly recognizable, signature to the Artist at the 80s, unique shaves, intricate braids,

 certain fun freedom—those are the kinds of trends that definitely deserve to return at this decades.

6. Hair Band Glam

Hair Band Glam

This haircut was responsible for many famous ’80s hairstyles for guys. Think about Ratt, Poison, and Van Halen, they use hair bland glam cut.

7. The Real Cool Man

The Real Cool Man 80s hairstyle

This is a cool ’80s men hairstyle that is still become a trend in 2020. The hair is kept short or medium and the side is tapered smoothly to make a noticeable difference between the top hair and both sides.

8. The Elegant Hipster

The Elegant Hipster 80's hairstyle

The ’80s was the period when revolutionary hairstyles were invented and people had the courage to try different things for the first time.

The modern hipster has its root dug deep down in the then time.

9. Classic Rockabilly

Classic Rockabilly

The pompadour hairstyle and quiff hairstyle are mixed together to make this one modern hairstyle which is often referred to as rockabilly hair.

This hairstyle actually derived from the ’80s hairstyles.

10. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Slicked Back Hairstyle

Who doesn’t know the name of ’80s style icon and famous singer Elvis Presley? He used to do a slicked-back hairstyle with a wet look.

So, that is 10 80s hairstyles. Look pretty and cute, isn’t it? Have you decided to use one of them? Well, good luck and have a nice try.

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