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5 result of after Eat not Drink most commonly Occur

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Drink after a meal, of course, is mandatory for most people and it has become a habit that will not be avoided. However, not everyone is doing the same thing and even more often tend to forget to drink every after a meal. In fact, drinking water (whatever that is and not necessarily white water) aims to help the entry of food into the digestive tract.

Drink after a meal is very useful in supporting the process of absorption of food we consume. Not only that, after drinking any will automatically make the digestive functions much more smoothly plus also improves metabolic processes in the body. Then, what a result after having a drink in a long term can be quite harmful to the health of the body?


1. Mouth and throat Dry

When a person does not eat directly after drinking, what else is left for too long new drink something, this could make the throat while the condition of the mouth of super dry. Not so dangerous indeed, but the effect will be quite uncomfortable for you later, especially if the activity requires to also talk much.

2. Stuck his food in Throat

Drinking after meals is aimed to relieve the throat because of the food that may still concern there and not yet completely down into the digestive tract. Don’t drink after eating could be causing even the food stuck in the throat and you experience such thing drag because of the food needs to be encouraged to go to the stomach.

3. Bad breath

Not directly drink after a meal and wait too long could then make the mouth smell delicious results, not from the remnants of food that are still in the mouth. Drinking is a way to clean up the remaining food in the mouth and teeth at once flush it out.

So when after eating not to drink or not to drink directly, the condition of bad breath can be quite distracting yourself or you’re talking afterward. If any didn’t get to drink, then it is important to eat candy to could make a fresh little mouth after eating.

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