Growing Method and Health Benefit of Spirulina

Growing Method and Health Benefit of Spirulina

Spirulina can simply be defined as an edible microorganism is among the nutritious food human consume. The Consumption of the Spirulina date backs to the long time back. Due to its immense health benefit, its popularity as the nutritious food source is gaining immense height.

Growing Method and Health Benefit of Spirulina

The nutritional benefit of the Spirulina can also be compared to that of the Moringa.

This alga is native to Mexico and the person of the native region has consumed it from the long time back.

Why it is essential to grow Spirulina in home

Health benefit of the raw Spirulina is greater than the dried or the powdered one. Further, the commercial variety is loaded with the heavy metal that can produce adverse effects when consumed.

Spirulina is highly praisable which can degrade merely three days after harvest even when refrigerated.

How to Grow at Home

By following the simple procedure one can grow Spirulina at home. The vital part of growing Spirulina is the pH of the water which must be greater than 10.

Tap water needs to be treated with activated charcoal in order to remove the residual chlorine.

Fertilizer and culture for the growth of the Spirulina can be obtained from the market or can be ordered online.

The tank used for growing Spirulina needs to be thoroughly washed in order to avoid the risk of the contamination from bacteria.

Sunlight is essential, as without sunlight photosynthesis cannot take place.

The temperature required is mild that is 22 to 33 degree centigrade for optimum production.
With the adequate use of fertilizers, one can harvest Spirulina at five weeks.

How to consume

Spirulina can be consumed by mixing with other foods. It can also be consumed by adding the powder in luck warm water or any kinds of juice and drink straightly.

Generally, it is not advised to consume more than 500 grams per day for an adult.

Precaution during buying

It is essential to look at the information provided by the manufacturer before buying Spirulina. Spirulina absorbs the heavy metal from the water. Spirulina grown from contaminated water can do more harm than benefit due to possible contamination from heavy metal. Due to this precaution is need while choosing the product.

Side effect

Spirulina is lush with protein that can produce fever in some individual. Further, powdered Spirulina is found to be contaminated with heavy metal.

There are some cases of gastrointestinal disturbance when consumed.

Anyone with the seafood allergy needs to avoid consuming the Spirulina due to the allergic response.

Nutrition information

Spirulina is lush with protein that is more than fifty-seven percent, around twenty-four percent of the carbohydrate and around seven percent of the fat.

It is lush with vitamins like Vitamin A, E, K, C, and B complexes like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12.

Spirulina as the rich source of the vitamin B 12 is highly debated among the scientific community.

Minerals present are Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, manganese, Sodium and Zinc in varied amount.

Health Benefits of Consuming Spirulina

1. Weight loss
Spirulina is lush with the protein and essential nutrient and has the low amount of fat compared to another food source. This can be the safe alternative for anyone wishing to get rid of unwanted fat from the body.

2. Combat allergies
Various types of allergies causing irritation like the pollen, dust, mite can be prevented by the consumption of the Spirulina.

3. Blood Pressure
Due to the presence of potassium and the chemical called Phycocyanin in the Spirulina, it helps in the decrease in the blood pressure.

4. Cirrhosis
This is the disease marked by damaged to the liver cell. Spirulina has been claimed to protect the liver against damage.

5. Cancer
Consuming Spirulina is associated with the reduction of cancer due to anticancer properties innate in it. This effect is mainly due to the presence of tetra pyloric compounds in the Spirulina.

Cancer like that occurred in the mouth can be prevented.

There has ben research which claims to inhibit cancer in the pancreas.

5. Antiviral
Spirulina has the antiviral properties hence can be used in various ailments caused by the virus like influenza, herpes, HIV, etc.

6. Mention Cholesterol
Spirulina has the capacity to mention the cholesterol in the human blood.

7. Detoxify the heavy metal
Spirulina has the capacity to detoxify the heavy metal. There has been interesting research evidence to back up these tenets.

8. Immunity Booster
There has been researching that claims that the consumption of the Spirulina boosts the immunity in the human body.

9. Enhance the Cognitive Power
There has been researching that claims that the consumption of the Spirulina has associated with the boost the cognitive power especially of the children. It is mainly due to the amino acid in the Spirulina.

10. Anemia
Spirulina is lush with the iron required for the human body. Anemia is the disease caused by the deficiency of the iron in the diet.
11. Regulate Blood Sugar Level
Consuming Spirulina is associated with regulation of sugar level in the blood. This is effective in the combat of diabetes.

12. Antioxidant
Spirulina is lush with antioxidant that is vital for the repairing of the damaged cell. The Phycocyanin compound in the Spirulina is beneficial to combat aging.

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