17 Evidence Based Health benefit of Banana

17 Evidence Based Health benefit of Banana

17 Evidence Based Health benefit of Banana - Banana is the wonder plant grown in more than 135 different countries around the world. Due to appealing taste when ripe it is one of the widely consumed fruit around the globe. Banana is considered native to Papua New Guinea.

benefit of Banana

Bananas have the ability to grow in the variety of soil and are resistant to drought. Due to fewer amounts of fertilizer and pesticides need for the production. It has far less pesticide residue than other fruits available in the market.

There is some speculation that banana will become extinct on near future. These are based on the assumption that variety of diseases and toxic effects of the chemical can adversely affect the genetically modified banana plant.

There are three hundred varieties of bananas available to the choose. The size, color, and taste of the banana vary with the banana types. Wild bananas have numerous seed innate in it and are not palatable for consumption.

Due to massive production within the short period of time. This it the popular fruit for cultivation especially in the Rural part of the world.

India accounts for the higher production of the banana which accounts for around 25 millions of tonnes.

Mode of consumption

Banana is mostly consumed when ripen. In the r ural part of the world, unripe banana is mostly consumed as curry. Dried banana are manufactured mainly in the industrial process in the factories and for long-term storage.


Banana is propagated from the vegetative means. In the rural part of the world, Banana is propagated from the small buds. Although the practice of using the tissue culture for propagation is gaining immense height.

The banana tree cannot be planted in the same place for more than two years. It makes essential for the farmers to relocate plantation every year.


Banana has the trace amount of fat, scant amount of protein and higher amount of carbohydrate.  It has several B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 and vitamin C. Minerals present are Manganese, Magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorous and sodium.

Chemicals found in the bananas are Serotonin, dopamine, and Norepinephrine.

Heath benefits of consuming Banana are summarized below:

1. Weight loss
Banana contains around twenty-three percent of carbohydrate, a trace amount of fat and the moderate amount of protein. The carbohydrate in the banana can be beneficial for the production of the prolific amount of energy.

2. Source of potassium
Bananas are the great source of potassium. The daily value of potassium is estimated to be around 3 grams. Potassium is the vital mineral required by our body.

3. Zinc
Zinc is vital for the absorption of vitamin A in the body. Zinc content in the banana can be helpful to nourish our body.

4. Energy
Presences of B complex vitamin-like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9 that are essential for the production of energy in the body.

5. Ant-aging
The metabolic byproduct such as free radical damages the cell at the cellular level. The damaging effects of free radical in the body can be prevented by antioxidant such as vitamin C.

6. Anemia
This is the disease caused by lack of Iron in the diet. Banana being lush with iron can provide the adequate level of iron required for our body.

7. Constipation
The dietary fiber in the banana is around 2.6 grams, which is vital to facilitate the adequate bowel movement. Due to the facilitation of the adequate bowel movement constipation is decreased.

8. Healthy kidney
Potassium is vital for the normal functioning of the kidney. The presence of potassium in Banana can be helpful for the optimum performance of kidney function.

9. Immunity booster
Consuming Banana boost the immunity. This is due to the innate vitamin C in the banana that acts as the immune booster.

10. Healthy urinary system
Due to the adequate amount of vitamin C that is acidic nature. The harmful bacterial flora in the urinary tract is eliminated. This is helpful in keeping the healthy urinary system.

11. Reduce Blood Sugar Level
Due to the presence of soluble fiber called pectin, it helps to moderate the sugar level in the blood. This is due to the slow release of sugar in the blood due to the presence of fiber.

12. Diarrhea
Due to the high amount of potassium, it was traditionally given during the occurrences of diarrhea.

13. Healthy Heart
This is due to innate potassium of the banana that is helpful to control the blood pressure in the body. Potassium is believed to reduce several heart diseases.

14. Muscle Crap
Anyone experience muscle cramps can be benefited from the banana. Banana is lush with the vital nutrient that has the innate capacity to reduce muscle crap when consuming on regular basis.

15. Depression
Banana has the power to overcome depression. This is due to the presence of Tryptophan in Banana.

16. Wart removal
The banana Pell is effective in removing the wart from the various part of the body.

17. Insomnia
Banana is effective in the combat of the Insomnia. The innate magnesium in the banana induces sound sleep.

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